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Installing the Sod

1) Time to Hustle
Once your sod is delivered, you need to get it down as quickly as possible. You don’t need to rush the installation, but sod cannot sit on a pallet for a couple of days. The warmer the temperature, the faster the sod needs to be installed. Once temperatures are in the 70’s (°F), you need to lay it the same day.

2) A Little Moisture Never Hurt Anyone
If the soil is dry, it helps to lightly water the ground before you lay the sod.

3) Laying the Groundwork... Literally
Start laying the sod against a walk or driveway to help get a straight line to work out from. Stagger the seams like you are laying bricks. If you cut a piece of sod in half and start every other row with a half piece, you will have a good stagger. It is important to pull the edges tightly together to avoid gaps and to keep the edges from drying out.

4) The Finishing Touches
As soon as an area is done, give it a good watering. If you lift a corner of the sod back and the soil underneath is wet, you have watered it enough. Once the grass is dry enough to walk on, roll it in both directions to ensure good sod-to-soil contact and to level out any bumps.

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