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Rabbit Hill Farms is a multigenerational family farm located in Shiloh, NJ. The fourth generation is currently managing farm operations with the fifth generation working the fields and learning the art and science of farming.

Our farm began with 15 acres many years ago, growing vegetables and fruit delivered to the marketplace by horse and wagon. Each generation expanded the acreage and scope of the farm to its present 585 acres. The crops we grow are fresh market potatoes, wheat, soybeans
and sod.

We began growing sod four years ago in response to the sharp downturn in potato consumption due to the popularity of the low-carb diets. Happily, much of the potato market is back and the sod has proved invaluable in diversifying our business which will improve our sustainability and viability in the future.

The same commitment and hard work that goes into our bags of potatoes and grains ensure that the sod you get from us will beautify your property for years to come. Thank you for your interest in our farm.

Abe Bakker


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