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Watering your New Lawn

Correct watering of your new lawn is crucial to it’s success and survival. The sod and the soil underneath need to stay moist. Rolling back a corner of the sod helps you see the moisture level of the soil underneath. If you only get the sod wet and underneath is dry, the roots have no incentive to grow into your soil. Until the roots anchor into your soil, it can dry out quickly. If you overwater and keep the sod soggy, disease will come in. Usually, about an inch every two or three days will be sufficient early on. Once the sod roots go down into your soil, they can tap into the moisture reservoir down below and you can water on a normal-as-needed schedule. It is better to water longer and less frequently than watering a little every day. Watering early in the morning is best as it gives the grass leaves time to dry which helps prevent diseases.

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