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Removing the Existing Grass

The best way to get rid of your old lawn and weeds is to kill them with Round-Up or similar herbicide. This will help keep those tough weeds from growing up through your new sod. It usually takes a couple of weeks and two applications to do a thorough job. When everything is completely dead, you can remove the old lawn with a roto tiller or sod cutter. The sod cutter is nice because you pick up larger sections of grass with a lot less raking. You should rototill the bare ground later anyway, so if you don’t want to rent two pieces of equipment, you can rototill the dead grass and rake it up for disposal. If you rather not use chemicals to kill the old grass, you can still rototill or use a sod cutter to remove the grass and weeds. You should expect to have some weeds grow through the sod if you did not kill them first.

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